Tuesday, October 9, 2012

SooSooTasty Charity Event 2011

I love to give back when I can. Each year my friends and I do a charity event to purchase clothing, toys and gifts for children at a local shelter or group home in the Atlanta Metro Area. These children are there for various reasons but were there to show love and support.

We donate half the ticket sales to the children for Christmas each year so make sure you come out taste some treats, shop with the vendors, view the grounds and most of all  give back. There are several charities that need your help so find one that fits your giving style and support. I feels good to know we can help someone even if it's just a hug, small conversation, clothing, food, supplies, or just a place to lay their head. Each day I wake up I thank God for what he has done for me so that I can do for others.

Tickets are available via:

or contact them at:
667 Fairburn Rd. N.W. Atlanta, Georgia 30331
Phone: 404.691.5187 • Fax: 404.691.3248 • E-mail:
Dr. Evelyn Lavizzo, Executive Director
Denise Kimbro, Office Manager

The PINK STILETTOS Socialite Group was started by me SoSo 3 years ago. I created this group to bond with my friends and family through various activities but the journey changed for me and so did my circle. I wanted to volunteer and have those around me support that vision.
MOTTO: Stepping out of one shoe into another for the real journey."

Here are the photos form last year.
SoSo giving tasting demo on her Tasty Treats.

Mini Cupcakes: Key Lime Love, Lemon Pound Cake, and Strawberry Dream

Brownie Bites

Velvet Red Cake Balls from our Teaser Collection

Big Ed's BBQ (Baby Back Ribs)

Big Ed's BBQ (BBQ chicken & Mac & Cheese)

Big Ed's BBQ (Vegan Bake Beans w/Ground Turkey Meat)

Big Ed's BBQ (Jerk Cabbage)

LALynn & Moni Luve taking part in the food ....LA Lynn is about to move Moni with her EYES...lol

Tawana Randall of TNR Business Services ...She is happy it's time to eat! lol

Big Ed fixing his plate...my husband, Moni Luve and Jonna Crutchfield

SoSo about to start the presentation...this picture looks like I was on live TV! Ms Sonya is good!

Sabrina getting her taste on....I want all of those...lol
Tawana Randall, Phqushia Epps and Diana Tawana looks like a teacher...lol

Reeses Peanut Butter Balls from our Teaser Collection

Efie of LALynn Accessories~Shoppe she is looking for more TEA Please...lol


In each cottage, approximately 20 children live with their house parents, a team of compassionate adults who provide 24-hour supervision and care. Each cottage has a family room where the children gather after school to finish their homework and spend time with their friends. Sofas and chairs are arranged among the bookshelves, computer learning areas, and tables where the children do their assignments. The children's bedrooms down the hall are filled with stuffed animals; their walls hung with mylar birthday balloons.
SoSo giving the quest a tour of the facilities that the children reside in.

Carrie Steele Pitts student housing

Tickets are now available  for this year via this link
Soo Soo Tasty Cakes & Events
Big Ed's BBQ
P.O. Box 2315, PowderSprings, GA 30127

Tawana Randall of TNR Business Services


My Outfit:
My Shirt Wlamart for $4.99 and i added the letters $4.99 form Micheal's Craft Store
My Jeans from JC Penney $20.00
My Sweater a Thrift Store find GoodWill $4.99
Shoes COACH $59.99
Accessories Bakers Shoe Store $20.99

Hope to see you this year. Donations have been coming in but more is needed.
Tasetefully SoSo


  1. Replies
    1. Talesha thank you. This is one of the places I will be donating the toiletries to.

  2. Looks like a great event!!!!

  3. Besos thank you for stopping by. We try to fo as mush as we can to support the children at this local shelter.

  4. Hey, hey, hey now... You know I'm tere again this year!!!! I went online but the vendor option wasn't available for me to purchase because I'm hoping I can be a vendor again this year ma'am... Thanks for the shout out its ALWAYS appreciated!!!!!

    Love what you do in the community & I look forward to adding my helping hands!!!! Also, can't wait to chow down on Big Ed Barbecue!!!!!

    Oh & I'm liking the new blog layout... Get it girl!!!!!


    1. Hey Lynn
      Thank you for your support and tge vendor application will be available to purchase on 10/13/12. Lol

      Needed to make some changes;)
      Hlad to have you as apart of helping the community.
      Tastefully SoSo