Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tasty Black Love

Love is Sweet and Love is Kind...You can find it sometimes in a glass of WINE!
I believe people come into our lives at different stages to teach us about us, about them or a lesson.
Well my SWEETIE and I have been together for over 20 years and gone through many things but we as the songs says "WE FALL DOWN BUT WE GET UP". This is very true about us. Nothing can come between YOU unless you allow it too. The key to a marriage is open, honest and positive communication. We are like Bonnie & Claude in every situation! We were two different people and still are but we are learning how to make it work.We married in September on a very drey day but out came the sun. Family and friends shared our vows and now we want to share our BLACK LOVE PHOTO SHOOT.
My SWEETIE giving his slick smile!

My SWEETIE holding on tight! lol

Someone asked me why take a photo shot with your spouse? My reply was it is fun, sexy, and we get to spend time together and that is BLACK LOVE! lol
This will be something we can look black on when were old and sexy. Our grand children and children can laugh and say ya'll soso sexy! lososol
Our High School

Our SEXY, BLACK, LOVE pose...

Were playing Hide & Seek! lol

We love Trucks so that's our background. My SWEETIE was being

Our Tasty Love Photo Shot
On Location: Centennial Olympic Park of Downtown Atlanta
This place is beautiful and full of love. There were children playing, concerts in the park and adults laughing. Like any other man My SWEETIE does not like taking pictures. lol
I LOVEEEE taking pictures since I was a baby. My mother always said I was her

The song we married off was NO ONE LIKE YOU by Teddy Pendergrass,,,

Ready set picture

This SNEAK A KISS is my favorite...

Bonnie & Claude You see who's in charge!!! MEEE lol

He was into it and I was doing my Tyra Banks!!!!lol

Just Me:)

My SWEETIE looks like a puppy dog!!! lol

This is our POWERFUL BLACK LOVE pose.

My SWEETIE was telling me something funny and sexy at the SAME DANG TIME!!!

Okay we were getting serious....

The time has come to say GOOD BYE LOVE in my Aaron Hall voice..



Photographer: Veronica McDaniel
1 (404) 624-6912



V.McDaniel Photography L.L.C
I am Veronica McDaniel-Preston, an upcoming photographer in the Greater Atlanta area. I graduated from Georgia Southwestern State University in May 2011. There, I achieved my Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Digital Media. Additionally, I have earned a certificate in Web Design.

Photography has been a love of mine since I received my first camera in the 6th grade. I embrace and enjoy the fact tha...
t pictures allow people to take a virtual walk back through some of their most cherished moments, long after that time has passed. Therefore, my motto is "Capturing Memories 2 Cherish."

V. McDaniel Photography is a family oriented and family friendly business. Therefore, everything that I shoot will be done tastefully, decent and in order.

In 2010, I was blessed with the opportunity to work with one of the best photographers known to man. For the past 30 years, Mr. Ben Harry, of Harry's Digital Inc., has been serving families in the Atlanta area. I am grateful for the experience I gained, while serving as his personal assistant.

Please take a moment to look through my website and see what interests you. I am also interested in continuing to grow as a photographer. So, please let me know if there is a service that is not listed that you would like rendered.

Thank you, in advance, for your support. Be on the lookout for new things to come from V. McDaniel Photography in the year 2012.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Sweet Baby

Babies are a blessing from above...
I love them when they are small, grow up and MOVE OUT!!! lol
Every bundle of joy should be celebrated so a cake, balloons, gifts it is!

Picking out a baby name can be hard if many people are involved. But it should be a delight to show case it at the celebration party...THE BABY SHOWER

Here are some pictures and ways you can make the celebration SWEET...

My featured BaBY CELEBRATION of the Month

Markisha & Dominique 
Mom & Dad

 Mom's Badge and rockin it proudly...I tried to get Dad to wear it! lol
Markisha showing off her belly...
Markisha & her Father...He can't wait to spoil this new comer!

 Group Photos
Gift time! My baby ain't rockin no Mickey! lol
   The theme of Markisha & Dominick's Baby Shower was Jungle & Animal Print. The baby's room is decorated in Jungle theme. The Baby Shower decor was animal prints from the cake to table accessories. Mom's favorite color sage green was added to soften the space. 

Food can be anything from finger food to dinner in a buffet serving line. We choose the moms favorite: BBQ Chicken & Cheese Quesadilla, Chicken tenders, Wings in assorted flavors, spinach salad.
The Animal Print Dessert Bar was adorn with cake balls : Red Velvet, Rumbolicious, and Butter Cream, The Butter Cream cake was designed with a baby bottom draped with a sage green blanket and leopard print base.

Chocolate covered strawberries by SooSooTasty

SooSooSugar Free Strawberry & Chocolate Cheesecake with a rushhhh...Yes Whiplightening with Alcohol to give your desserts a boost...Yikes
There was chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate & strawberry cheese cake in mini dessert cups. The chocolate Hersey kiss cupcakes were adorn with animal print design and so were the balloons. To show some love for the baby instead of using his name we used OH BOY and animals for decorations.

 These little table accessories were spray painted to dry. You can purchase wood or styrofoam letters for this project at Hobby Lobby. Walmart and Micheals'.
Table decor can be simple to extreme. We choose simply no table clothe. a balloon of each color tied to a Gerber bottle. The mom can rinse and reuse! We also found animal print and jungle themed table confetti to adorn the tables.
 Balloons to match your theme. We choose the animal print and mom's favorite color sage green.

SoSo of SooSooTasty posen with her table set-up
SooSooTasty Creation

 SooSooTasty Cake. This 1 layer butter cream dream cake was designed with animal theme and baby in mind. The baby is also edible.
 Tasty Balls and Chocolate Hersey Kiss Cupcakes

Make sure their is a gift table and chair with someone to write sown each gift. There should also be someone assisting mom. This makes everything sososweet!


Cute accessories for everyone from mom to dad to wear. Something extra large for the mom. 

The GAMES are very important because they bring people together and should make you laugh and think...
This was one of my favorite of the games because they could not taste it or smell it. They had to guess what each baby flavor was to win the game.

Dessert Buffets

 Dessert Buffets can be any color, theme, and be adorn with many of your favorite desserts.

Cakes & Cupcakes
Pink Leopard Print cake or Georgia Bull Dog
Themed cakes and Baby Showers are the most popular.
It is usually something mom likes or dad loves.
cakes by Soo Soo Tasty
For your next BABY Celebration contact us at
We stimulate the taste buds, mind and entertainment is our speciality... What are you waiting for our staff is ready to create your BABY Celebration Party:) Tastefully SoSo
On Location at: Barley's Sports Bar & Lounge
338 Peachtree Street Northeast Atlanta, GA 30308
A Special shout out to Nadia Mathews and the staff of Barleys the food was excellent as always, the cook should get a raise, the bartender was on point. Thanks

I also want to thank my listaffer Sharde Nicole Starnes, Tina Cunningham, and Keelay James for helping me set-up. A special Thank you to everyone who contributed to make this event a memorable moment.

My Outfit
Shirt by BlingbyKisha Nicole $25.00
Jeans from Goodwill $4.99
Accessories form Bakers Shoe Store $20.00
Shoes from Marshalls' $16.99

Pictures courtesy of  Me SoSo & Google and Robyn of Robyn Elicia Photography

Tasty PJ Spa Party

Did someone say Tasty PJ Spa Party in the middle of the evening?
Yes, I did! There were LEMONDROP Martini's, Soo Soo Tasty Treats, Massages, Mini Ped & Manicures, Facial Scrubs and Lite Snacks. Shout Out to my BFF Blog Buddy Mrs. OhNikka for such a wonderful get together and allowing me to share my Soo Soo Tasty Treats and my Comic ways...lososol
Efie (@LALynns) & SoSo (@soosootasty)
The LEMONDROP Martini's 5 of which I had were simply divine. This should be a staple of the Sol_Oasis Spa!

The Hands of Andy....Wow
Guess who won the FREE Massage?
I can't wait to revisit this lovely place and you can feel the love from each and every staff member as well as the
Owner of SōL Oasis Nail Spa & Haven Kasundra Anderson beganBootsi & Sasi in her kitchen. The beginnings of the line came from wanting to make sure she could always offer SōL Oasis clients the best products available and customize them upon request. The all natural blends include Shea body butter and organic brown sugar with scented essential oils like sweet almond and grapeseed.
"Bootsi & Sasi products are available exclusively at SōL Oasis Nail Spa & Haven. Our selection of body crèmes, sugar scrubs, body oils and lotions, herbal bath teas and shower gels change seasonally. Fragrance favorites of SōL Oasis clients are Pomegranate & Vanilla Fig, Sensational Amber, Orange Cucumber and Lemongrass & Ginger."
Did you know about Waterless Treatments? Well guess what they offer them here and this cuts down on bacteria and other things."In 2009, SōL Oasis introduced the idea of an innovative "waterless pedicure & manicure" that eliminates the risks associated with traditional pedicures and manicure". Wowwww

Located: Sol Oasis Nail & Spa Haven, 2023 Virginia Place, Atlanta, Ga 30305 (Buckhead)

Efie, SoSo, Soo Soo Tasty Treats & OhNikka (OhNikka)

Soo Soo Tasty grace the event with Tasty Balls in 5 flavors: Butter Cream Dream, Velvet Red, Lucious Lemoncello, Marblelicious and Chocolate Mocha all from our TEASER Collection.  Please remember these little guys are addictive eat and lick at your own risk!!!  
You may place your order via:

CAMERA TIME now pose & smile!!!!
@ParkerPlays247@OhNikka@LALynn@soLasis@tialou75@cocoareport@AllyMcGlam@missfoodiefash...if I left any one off please charge it to those LemonDrop Martini's & Tasty
SoSo getting ready for a mini feet massage:)
 Efie getting ready for mini ped & foot massage.
 SoSo posing next to her Soo SooTasty Treats.
I was rocking my "Teen PJ" from TinkerBell from Walmart $16.99
My flipflops COACH from Marshalls $69.99
My COACH Bag from the COACH Tangler Outlet $49.99
Earrings from OBSESSORIES, Inc.
My favorite bracelets from BAKERS Shoe Store $20
Hair & Make-Up by ME of
 Sol Oasis Healthy snack....the water was filled with fruit and vegetables!
 Polish OASIS
 SoSo is upset about not winning one of the 100 raffles given out, but she doesn't know she is about to win the OASIS raffle ...FREE Massage. lol
 SoSo & OhNikka talking about her Tasty Ball Collection.....
 Love Mrs. OhNikka!

 Ball Talk 101

 Ms. Anderson working her magic on BFF
 Lawdddd Jesus GODT! If you come for services at Sol Oasis Spa make sure...#RahikmElahondro...just kidding his name is His hands are weapons of love...

 Efie Lynn with her BIGGGGG OhNikka enjoying her LemonDrop Martini and chatting.
Pictures courtesy ME & Sol Oasis website...:)