Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sweet Tweet & Meet

On Location: Noche Tequila & Tapas Bar (Brookhaven), 705 Town Blvd NE Atlanta, GA 30319
This place was nice and buzzing with Tweetties and Bloggers. The serve & food was delicious and the ladies were super sweet.

Noche Tequila & Tapas Bar

Well I'm new to Blogging and I had the chance to meet some lovely ladies and share my sweet treats.
Yes....I brought the addictive Cake Balls from my Teaser Collection. You will need a prescription for REFILL!!!! lol


These Balls are filled with butter cream base cake and soaked with Dark Myers Rum. Then they are dipped in white chocolate and for an extra boost drizzled with rum icing....Can I get a REFILLLL
To order simply visit us at

@OhNikka@LAlynns@Keraosity101@AccessoryChick1@kiwiTheBeauty Don't forget your REFILL for your next event. We do Party Trays:)

CAMERRRA Time Now Pose!!!
Ladies eating their SooSooTasty Treats

 Kiwi's inside joke if I tell I will be BLOGDEAD!!! lol
 Group pose
Toasting to the BLOGGG Life!!!
Efie Lynn & SoSo
This basket was left with 4 Balls!!! lol

Velvet Red Ball...yummy

Pictures: Courtesy of...@kiwiTheBeauty , Myself & Motorola
My GUESS Dress was a Thrifting Adventure: The Goodwill of Powder Springs $5.99
GUESS Shoes form Marshall's $34.99
Express Purse from Marshall's $14.99
Jewelry from Bakers...Yes, Bakers Shoe Store sales nice and affordable accessories
Neckless, bracelet, ring Buy 2 get 1 1/2 off $25.00
My Earrings from LA Lynn~Shoppe $10

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