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Breakfast at Tiffany's with Andrea McDaniel

If your a BRIDE then a Bridal Shower is in order.
The theme for Andrea's Bridal Shower was Breakfast at Tiffany's.
The colors were: Tiffany Blue, White and Black....

Bridal Showers are a time for the family, friends and or ladies to get together and have a tasty time. There are gifts, words of wisdom, food, games, and drinks...of course! lol
Andrea's Bridal Shower was out of state so items to make her day special was selected, packed and shipped. Once there the directions and pictures to set-up where up to her Bridesmaid. The invitations had instructions for everyone to wear a little black dress, hat and pearls. This was truly a special event.
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Here are a few pictures from the Bridal Shower I had the pleasure to work on with the lovely Maid of Honor Tawalla Willams.
The Bride to Be
Have the Bride dress in a soft color and everyone else dress in one color so the Bride stands out. It's her day and she should be the main event!

There are several things need to make this sexy occasion happen like

Basic Table Setting with Flavors for each quest.


Words if Wisdom Tree...This tree is designed for the quest to give inspiring messages to the Bride.
 The Cake
Cake by SooSooTasty
Make sure there are fun interactive games for the guest to get to know the Bride and others. This is important to keep the party flowing. Oh, be sure to have small inexpensive prizes for the winner:)
The Gifts

Victoria Secret...

Victoria Secrets again!

Andrea is peeping because there are more Victoria Secrets gifts! lol
Don't be scared now! lol

The Guest
The guest were asked to wear hats, a little black dress and costume jewelry for the affair.

A toast to a new life and the Bride.

Group Picture time
I am loving the Hats they really made the Bridal Shower elegant! These Ladies have STYLE!
Be creative and have a theme, and you can also base it on things the Bride likes.
Here are more ideas for your Bridal Shower ....

The Purpose
  • The purpose of a wedding shower is to shower the bride-to-be with gifts to be used in the bride and groom's new home. It can also serve as a sign of support (from the bride's family) or a welcoming (from the groom's family).

Who Puts on the Shower

  • The maid of honor usually organizes the shower, although it is also common for an aunt of either the bride or groom to throw a wedding shower as well. It is also common for a bride-to-be to receive more than one shower from several groups.

Who to Invite

  • The general rule for who to invite to a shower is the mother of the bride, the mother of the groom, grandmothers (and great-grandmothers) of both, aunts, female cousins, bridal attendants, close female friends and close female business friends.

Invitation Etiquette

  • It is extremely poor etiquette to invite someone to a wedding shower but leave her off the guest list for the wedding. However, if someone lives too far away to attend the bridal shower, it is not out of the question to invite her to the shower as it lets that person know you are thinking of her.

Thank Yous

  • The most important thing for a bride to do is to write thank you notes after receiving gifts from anyone. The bride can ask someone to help her make a list of everything she received and from whom, as well as getting the addresses of those who attended the shower and gave gifts, but it is the bride's responsibility to make sure she takes the time to thank the people who gave her gifts.
Dessert Buffets are becoming very popular and sexy,

Table Numbers or Food Tabs

Photos of the Bride from her Bridal Shoot

Decorative cake balls for the guest

cake cake cake...The Brides name can adorn the box

Simple inexpensive table decor

Favor bags for the guest and the Brides name can adorn the bags.

Favor boxes 

Complete table set-up

The invitation should set the tone for the event which can handmade or professionally made.

Simple elegant and inexpensive


Photos by: Low Key Photos is located in Greer, South Carolina so be sure to check out their services if your in the area.

Other Pictures are courtsey My DRIODDDD and Google images:) lol
Andrea McDaniel's jewelry was gifted by Pat Robinson of PJsattic for more information on her pieces visit her at

Photo courtesy of  Eye-So Keen
Until next time look out for the wedding cause it was the! lol
Tastefully SoSo

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