Friday, July 20, 2012

Tasty PJ Spa Party

Did someone say Tasty PJ Spa Party in the middle of the evening?
Yes, I did! There were LEMONDROP Martini's, Soo Soo Tasty Treats, Massages, Mini Ped & Manicures, Facial Scrubs and Lite Snacks. Shout Out to my BFF Blog Buddy Mrs. OhNikka for such a wonderful get together and allowing me to share my Soo Soo Tasty Treats and my Comic ways...lososol
Efie (@LALynns) & SoSo (@soosootasty)
The LEMONDROP Martini's 5 of which I had were simply divine. This should be a staple of the Sol_Oasis Spa!

The Hands of Andy....Wow
Guess who won the FREE Massage?
I can't wait to revisit this lovely place and you can feel the love from each and every staff member as well as the
Owner of SōL Oasis Nail Spa & Haven Kasundra Anderson beganBootsi & Sasi in her kitchen. The beginnings of the line came from wanting to make sure she could always offer SōL Oasis clients the best products available and customize them upon request. The all natural blends include Shea body butter and organic brown sugar with scented essential oils like sweet almond and grapeseed.
"Bootsi & Sasi products are available exclusively at SōL Oasis Nail Spa & Haven. Our selection of body crèmes, sugar scrubs, body oils and lotions, herbal bath teas and shower gels change seasonally. Fragrance favorites of SōL Oasis clients are Pomegranate & Vanilla Fig, Sensational Amber, Orange Cucumber and Lemongrass & Ginger."
Did you know about Waterless Treatments? Well guess what they offer them here and this cuts down on bacteria and other things."In 2009, SōL Oasis introduced the idea of an innovative "waterless pedicure & manicure" that eliminates the risks associated with traditional pedicures and manicure". Wowwww

Located: Sol Oasis Nail & Spa Haven, 2023 Virginia Place, Atlanta, Ga 30305 (Buckhead)

Efie, SoSo, Soo Soo Tasty Treats & OhNikka (OhNikka)

Soo Soo Tasty grace the event with Tasty Balls in 5 flavors: Butter Cream Dream, Velvet Red, Lucious Lemoncello, Marblelicious and Chocolate Mocha all from our TEASER Collection.  Please remember these little guys are addictive eat and lick at your own risk!!!  
You may place your order via:

CAMERA TIME now pose & smile!!!!
@ParkerPlays247@OhNikka@LALynn@soLasis@tialou75@cocoareport@AllyMcGlam@missfoodiefash...if I left any one off please charge it to those LemonDrop Martini's & Tasty
SoSo getting ready for a mini feet massage:)
 Efie getting ready for mini ped & foot massage.
 SoSo posing next to her Soo SooTasty Treats.
I was rocking my "Teen PJ" from TinkerBell from Walmart $16.99
My flipflops COACH from Marshalls $69.99
My COACH Bag from the COACH Tangler Outlet $49.99
Earrings from OBSESSORIES, Inc.
My favorite bracelets from BAKERS Shoe Store $20
Hair & Make-Up by ME of
 Sol Oasis Healthy snack....the water was filled with fruit and vegetables!
 Polish OASIS
 SoSo is upset about not winning one of the 100 raffles given out, but she doesn't know she is about to win the OASIS raffle ...FREE Massage. lol
 SoSo & OhNikka talking about her Tasty Ball Collection.....
 Love Mrs. OhNikka!

 Ball Talk 101

 Ms. Anderson working her magic on BFF
 Lawdddd Jesus GODT! If you come for services at Sol Oasis Spa make sure...#RahikmElahondro...just kidding his name is His hands are weapons of love...

 Efie Lynn with her BIGGGGG OhNikka enjoying her LemonDrop Martini and chatting.
Pictures courtesy ME & Sol Oasis website...:)


  1. Nice post!!! Thank you for coming and giving us a good laugh!!! Those balls are so good too!!!! I'm also glad that you won that massage too!!!

    1. OhNikka thank you for having me. I look forward to more BFF events and thank you again for the advice:) Tastefully SoSo

  2. OMGGGGG!!!!! Gurrrrl, yo' lil self is cray!!!!! I am dying LOL at you and your commentary!!!!! The pics turn out good but we gone need for u to make them bigger & add GFC so ppl can follow the blog!

    The cake balls are going down in history!!!!! Lol!

    Love you chica!

    1. Ok Efie you know I'm NEWWWW!!! lol
      I have to lern Blog what is GFC; so I can add it! Bigger pictures coming up! lol

  3. Limbo! This is the funniest recap EVER. I literally laughed reading this. Great post.

  4. Well thank you @missfoodiefash. I aim to please and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Waiting on the next event so we can cut a rug or eat some balls! lososol

  5. This was such a fun night! Great meeting you!!!

    1. Same here and I look forward to seeing you at upcoming events:) Tastefully SoSo