Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sweet Week Recap

I have been super busy and miss writing about my journey to each of you.

Well Guess What? I'm

Ok, so this pass week I got to join my friends in celebrating Alicia's Birthday at Cellar 56.
This nice place is hidden in Buckhead.
Ok, now the Birthday girl invited us to a all "Little Black Dress Dinner"

Alicia the Birthday Girl
Checkout everyone and their accessories. We are a gorgeous group of women.

Me aka SoSo wearing my thrift find BeBe from Sheranes Vintage Closet
Every girl should have a little black dress in her closet she can dress up or down.

The Divalicious Mrs. OhNikka

Mrs, Kerrie the thrift styler

KiwiTheBeauty aka Model & Photographer

Mrs. SpoiledDiva the designer of purses and all things accessories

Birthday girl Alicia opening her gifts

More Gifts

Mrs. OhNikka & LALynn

Ladiesssss (they had several BALLS!!) lol

Mrs Tynesha

Group picture

My favorite accessories of the night and they where both thrift store finds!

So you know I made some Sweet Treats.
SooSooTasty Treats dressed in black & diamonds

The small plates turned in large plates for me! lol
Every plate was delicious. Be sure to try this dishes:
Sweet Ga Shrimp & Grits
The logan turnpike grits were smooth and silky tasting to the tongue. The 2 jumbo shrimps and tasso gravy complimented the grits perfect.The salmon was moist and delish!

Fried Green Tomatoes

Crock of Mussels
The mussels were in a shallots and garlic with a sweet white wine sauce served with garlic bread. Yummmy!

The Spinach Salad
I love a great salad and this was one. It was a spinach salad with cranberries, almonds, sliced boiled egg and a sweet applewood bacon and bacon dressing.
56 E Andrews Drive Northwest Atlanta, GA 30305
(678) 244-3600


Now I did some shopping and found some sweet finds.
Zebra Print LULU purse $2.89 & Dooney & Burke Purse $12.98

GUESS Leopard shoes $5.89 & Bakers Shoes $5.89

Blue Jean Express wrap dress $5.89 $ old Blue Jean Patch boots $6.99

Shoes, Clothes and Accessories is what every girl needs.

Well I ended my week with my 21st Wedding Anniversary at Ritz Hotel and the Atlanta Grill. Yes, I said 21 we have gone throw many things, I am his ride or die and he is my SuperMAN. lol
Here are a few wedding pictures

My wedding bouquet which is now hanging on my wall.

Okay, I was having a melt down and my cousin was like girl this is not the time! You are getting married

Me in my coat train dress which unsnaps and becomes a beaded short cocktail dress. Guess what it was rented from a boutique for $450 and retail $3500

Ha...He put a ring on

My SuperMAN

The key to a long marriage with or without problems is:.....DRUMROLL Please!!!
  • Open, honest and positive communication (See you cannot just have communication without being honest no matter who gets hurt, open because some people shut down after they communicate, positive meaning having a solution or compromise to make it work). We are still working on this but we are soooooo much better! lol
  • Respect (See respect goes both ways and you are both important and worth it)
  • Love (See you will fall in and out of love like two high school me we did and it gets stronger each time)
  • KEEP PEOPLE OUT OF YOUR BUSINESS!!! (See there will be haters jealous of what you have and they can be family or friends. You can share information but limit the information you share unless it is to help someone better their relationship. We had them and we prayed them off!)Well I did
For more loving and positive tips on a Happy Marriage

This hotel and restaurant is a must do on your list! Ok, lets start with the warm, urban Jazzy flyer.
Now up to the Atlanta Grill for dinner and drinks on the patio over looking the streets of downtown Atlanta. A live Jazz band playing and a patio filled with couples in live and rose petals gracing the floor what more could you ask for.


Ritz Carlton downstairs Bar
Atlanta Grill dinning room

Now the food was more than I expected but you will pay for it so bring your Black card with extra cash! lol
Our waiter all I can say .....hummmmm sexy, polite and from another country. lol
He graced our table with a iron-cast basket of rolls, cheddar biscuits and cornbread. I screamed cornbread at a classy restaurant and he laughed.I grew up eating cornbread and collard green juice (potlicker)! lol

Then there was salad, wine and beer...yep. Beer is poured in a tall shoot glass look alike half way with a lime on the side. lol

As we chatted about our future and life over (Classic Shrimp Cocktail)
Cocktail Sauce, Creamy Green Goddess
dinner came floating out.

Check out the mini Tabasco Sauce

I had a dish called was Gumbo Deluxe
(Savannah Style “Purloo” Shrimp, Oysters, Okra, Carolina Rice Grits, Tomato, Andouille Sausage)
and good if you ask me. lol

My honey had a Juicy steak that could be cut with a fork and a loaded silky bake potato! Woooow

Our dessert was a warm Rum bread Pudding topped with vanilla ice cream
(White Chocolate Bread Pudding Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce ).
My my my we were two fat kids!!!! lol

 I took a visit to the restroom and after looking at the drying clothes and basket I wanted to know were the restroom attendant was to dry me off and spray perfume on me

My blue jean jumper and leather tan belt and shoes where thrift store finds and my purse a sweet deal from Bakers Shoe store $20
If we could have road public transportation home and slept the entire way we would have done it! lol
181 Peachtree Street Northeast Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 221-6550

Photos: credit to KiwitheBeauty
Cellar 56 and Ritz Carlton Website
Well until next time Love, Peace and Cake 

Tastefully SoSo


  1. We had a wonderful time!!! That dress is soo cute!!!!

    Oh those cheap finds!!! WOW!!!! Also congrats on your anniversary!!!

    1. Heyyyyyy Mentee Mrs. OhNikka!!!!!
      Lol. I grew up thrifting and I was ashamed but as I grew older and understood why my mother did I am truly blessed and happy!.
      It was and is always great to spend time with you ladies. Thank you for having me.
      Tastefully SoSo

  2. Wow you had a busy busy week. The black party looked awesome. I am still side eyeing ALLY MC GLAM for not inviting me! HUMPH!


    CONGRATS on your anniversary. True love is such a blessing :)

    1. Hey Dea,
      I hate you weren't there. Well you better be at mine October 7th! lol

      Yes, love is very important and understanding one another as you grow into your own is also very important. Thank you for visiting my Tasty Blog
      Tastefully SoSo

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary! That is truly an accomplishment and to God be the glory for it all! So glad that you had fun at the birthday party too! You ladies have a wonderful friendship down in ATL!

    1. Hey Karen
      I love being among positive, supporting and fun women. It gives me joy to get up and say I get to spend time with each of them and feel good doing it.

      Thank you for the blessing we have come a long way through trial and error. Praying for 40 more years:)
      Tastefully SoSo

  4. Ok, let me just say you got down with this post!!!! I down smiled, laughed, and even got teary eyed!!!! All I know is Imma need to hit your thrifting spots up! That jumper s the cutest!!!!!

    Wishing you may more years Hunni bunni!!!!


    1. Hey Sister Lynn
      Thank you for stopping by my Tasty Blog. I write how I truly feel with joy and realness. We need more of that in our lives and more stories need to be told on how to achieve it. There will be trial and error but you learn from misstakes if you want change and to have better. I believe in change and love so I do better because I know better:)
      Tastefully SoSo

  5. Hey SoSo I LOVE LOVE your blog girl!! I love your pics and your thrift store finds are so fabulous!!! I can't wait to hang out again and I am about to go order some of your yummy goodies!!! Oh and thanks for featuring me on your blog! i love it.. U know you will be next on mines!!!

  6. Heyyyy Talesha
    I'm glad we meet and I enjoyed your beautiful spirit. Very excited about you blogging. It's a whole nother world and I love it because I get to share pieces of me. We have to go thrifting:)
    Tastefully SoSo

  7. Congrats on your anniverary! Your thrifted finds are hott! I so need to come thrifting in Atl!


    1. Hello Demetria
      Thank you and yes come to the ATL we have several Thrift Stores, Resale (Consignment stores) and Boutiques that you will love.

      I grew up thrifting and hated when my mom would pick us up after school from Granny and we would be in that store for 3 hours or until it closed. She shopped every inch of

      that store. Lol
      I'm glad she did because now I find great deals and appreciate resale items:)

  8. Great sweet recap.As always you bring life to every party or function you attend, and it shows in your pics.

    1. Hello my dear
      Why thank you I just like being around wonderful people because life is tooooo short! Lol