Friday, August 31, 2012

Sweet Shoe Game

Ladies and Gentlemen...Ladies Ladies Ladies and Gentlemen..  Yes, I said Gentlemen because they are rocking them too! lol
Madonna video

Stilettos, kitten heels, Boots and wedges...if you wearing them this is for YOU!

Dos & Donts

If its not your size then don't try!
If your feet are hanging over they are too big or too small. Know your size! Buy your proper size. This should go without saying, but sometimes a moment of weakness can cause you to think that buying a half size smaller than what you normally wear won't matter---just remember that it will!
It is not cute for your feet to hang over your shoes as if they are cutting the grass. If I see it I'm calling you out.  FASHION CITATION or Fashion Intervention by the FBI aka Fashion Bureau of Investigation!!!

Do visit a local shoe store and get fitted...Famous Footwear, Payless,Lady Foot Locker, DSW  and other shoe stores have foot places just for YOU! lol
My favorite shoe store and shoe consultant is at Bakers of Cumberland Mall. When you need to get your Sweet Shoe Game on check them out. They have several locations.

Me & my favorite store consultant Courtney


My purchase from Bakers for the week...Oh, my purse & shoes  were a Sweet Sale!
Do purchase foot massagers to place inside your shoe because your feet will thank you.
Do keep them neatly trimmed and or polished.
I love my color blocking
Do carry a slip on for long days are walking because this will save your legs, hips, thighs, knee and ankle in the long run. I wear a knee brace not cute, but it will be once I bling it out. lol

Now this is for my Sweet Shoe Lovers who need training on walking in Stilettos! lol
 stiletto heel is certainly not your everyday shoe, but it is the shoe for elegant parties and other formal events. Walking in stilettos can be a challenging experience for a heels amateur--but fear not, your gracefulness and confidence will inevitably emerge, provided you're determined. All you need is this little how-to! Follow the steps below to learn how to walk in stilettos.
Select a decent pair of stiletto heels to purchase. Avoid buying cheap stilettos because they tend to break easily, plus they just don't look as nice. Additionally, cheap stilettos can be incredibly uncomfortable, which is the last thing you want if you're going to be walking around all day. As you're trying on stilettos, there are a few key things you'll want to check to minimize the pain:
Change surfaces. Once you're comfortable walking wherever you started off, try walking on a variety of floors (tiles, thick carpet, etc.) to see how it feels and to learn how to cope with changing surfaces underfoot.
  1. Stay off impressionable surfaces like cork, as the heel will leave indentations that are permanent. You can also challenge yourself a little more by carrying things such as a bag, a cup of tea, a book, etc. Move about the house and simply get used to how it feels as you go, correcting your posture every now and then.
  2. Take a walk outdoors. Get adjusted to the feel of concrete, gravel, and other outdoor surfaces. You'll find that you sink into some surfaces, such as grass, so either avoid them or learn to glide over them quickly using the ball of your feet only (which can be hard work, so general avoidance of soft surfaces is advised).
  3. Outdoor surfaces to beware of include cobblestones, steel grates, grass, soil, holes, and boardwalks.
  4. Stairs require learning of their own. Always land on each step in a sideways or sidestepping motion when descending, with all of the foot landing on each step at once (heel, ball, and toe). When ascending, only use the sole/flat area of the shoe to climb up the stairs.
  5. Attend the party in your stilettos and enjoy yourself. Your hard work to get to this point has paid off, and now it's time to party!
  • Having a little shoe bag for containing the shoes discreetly is a wise option.
  • It is recommended by medical experts that you don't wear a heel that is higher than 3/4 of an inch or one inch (2.5cm); this will allow for the maximum amount of gracefulness without falling over and injuring yourself. However, stilettos can go higher than six inches (15cm), so recognize that the higher the heel, the more precarious it is to walk.
  • Practice a lot.
  • Learn how to walk in long clothing and stilettos if relevant. Long clothing, such as evening gowns and pants suits can catch on stilettos and cause accidents or damage to the clothing, so it's important that you know how to walk in such clothes when wearing stilettos.
  • There are classes offered in some communities or shoe stores for walking in high heels. Have a look online or ask around. You might also ask a friend or someone who sells shoes to help you learn.
  • Good posture is absolutely vital for successful stiletto wearing; whatever else you do, make sure good posture is maintained at all times.
  • Calf muscle strengthening exercises can help you if you plan on wearing stilettos regularly.
  • Always break in new shoes before intending to wear them for a party, especially if you're expecting to dance and stand for hours.
  • Take some pain relief tablets with you in case you end up in agony by the end of the event.
  • Vary heel heights through the day for kinder treatment of your legs and feet. Leave the stilettos for short stints, such as the cocktail party, and always have flats on reserve. It is also recommended that heels only ever be worn part-time.
  • Thin liners for the ball area of the shoe are available. These provide a "cushioning" effect and will help prevent your foot from sliding forward in the shoe and getting crushed, cramping your toes.
    Something to consider before and while you wearing shoes improperly.
  • Never drive in stilettos or high heels of any kind. Always keep a pair of safe driving shoes in the car and change into them for driving.
  • High heels can damage your feet and legs if care is not taken. See your doctor if you experience pain as a result of wearing high heels. Problems that can occur include DVT (deep vein thrombosis), broken bones or fractures from falls, ball-of-foot pain (metatarsalgia), cracked skin, and unidentifiable pains.
  • Don't try on new shoes first thing in the morning or after you've been on your feet all day. Your feet will be at their worst at these times.
  • Not everyone can walk in stilettos. If you have tried and continue to feel nothing but pain, or you totally lack confidence that this is ever going to work for you, then don't fret. There are plenty of fantastic shoe alternatives in the world to keep you appearing just as beautiful as ever, and they don't have to be stilettos. Hand your failed pair of stilettos over to a friend who can make use of them and use this as an excuse to go out and buy a chic pair of shoes with a heel size, or even no heels, that you know you'll love walking in. It is just not worth getting into a tizzy over – if stilettos aren't working for you, they're just not worth persevering with.
  • Some people espouse looking gorgeous over feeling comfortable by accepting that looking good isn't always about feeling good. For a big event, this is an okay attitude but don't take it to extremes and consider it's the norm for all occasions. Elevated heels can result in foot, calf, hip, and back pain.
    Photos & Sources:
    My DROIDDDD Phone! lol
    My Attire
    Dress: Thrifted $4.99 Good Will
    Shoes: Cathy Jean $14.99
    Accessories: Bakers
    Knee Brace: Walmart
    I love shoes. Until next time Keep your Shoe Game tight! lol
    Tastefully SoSo


    1. Very informative! I was just chatting with some fellow bloggers about shoes on Instagram. I'm in South Florida and I'm not a fan of closed toe shoes. I have made that spur of the moment purchase and regretted it but you live and learn. This is worth tweeting :)

      1. Kerissa I am glad I could help. I had to learn the hard way and wish someone had told me. My husband has a foot fetish and makes sure I keep them on point. lol Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to re-tweet my fellow Blogger:) Tastefully SoSo

    2. Ok, you & Courtney are just too darn cute!!!! And, your purchases from Bakers (I want) lol
      So, now u know I want to try those Dr. Scholls pads... U took 'em to school on this post! Lol!

      But them feet on the FLO - Hmmm... I can't, I mean I just I can't!!!!!! Men got where they can walk in Stiletto's better than some women do! * 2 Snaps & a neck roll*


    3. Heyyyy Lynn. Lol
      Those shoes were $10 or $15 on sale the purse was $20 on sale my jewelry was also buy one get the other half off. I did really good that day! Lol

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      1. Hello Vee
        Thank you sooooo much I'm glad to hear your enjoying my Blogs. I will be over there to visit today.
        Tastefully SoSo

    5. I know may women that need to read this. Is there any way we can distribute this over the skies of Atlanta?! Great post. Great pointers!

      1. Heyyyy cousin Dee
        Yes, they can subscribe to my page and get all the Shoe Game information and more! Lol