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A Bride should be loving and kind but some aren't! lol
Are you a Bridezilla or Sweet Bride?
SoSo's photo is courtesy of EyeSoKeen by Leonard King

This is how you know your a Bridezilla:
Just watch this show

Bridezillas - Season 8
Visit to Catch Up with the Unforgettable Season of Bridezillas
I found this piece and every Wedding Planner should read it!
If you’ve been doing weddings for some time now, you’ve had your fair share of bridezillas. It’s inevitable. They exist and wait in hiding for the most inexperienced and innocent amongst us to mercilessly devour. How can can you best avoid the bridezilla?
And what can you do once you discover that sweet and innocent young lady you thought was going to be the ideal bride was actually a bridezilla in hiding? Here are a few tips and thoughts from my 28+ years of shooting weddings. First off, you are way more likely to be victimized by a bridezilla when you are starting out for several reasons.
One, you’re naive and innocent. You make a good victim because of this easily detectable fact, and you might also be hungry/desperate/eager for business.
Two, you are likely lower priced at this time and, therefore, attract a higher degree of trouble and higher maintenance clients.
The ideal position to be in is to be able to attract high-quality, eager-to-pay a premium, no hassle, loves you and your work, enthusiastic, and fun-loving clients, and weed out the potential bridezillas before they even have a chance to book you out and even step into your studio.
There are ways to stop these clients before they even call you.
Here’s a short list:
  • Charge more
  • Have a great product
  • Have a dynamic and strong presentation
  • Be a confident and outgoing personality
  • Be ‘positioned’ in your market as the no-nonsense, quality professional that only discriminating brides shop at
  • Don’t appear to be too eager or hungry. A bridezilla can smell this a mile away and will hone in on you like a shark that smells fresh blood
Say NO to a potential bridezilla before they even book with you (keep reading). You need to recognize little clues and red flags, including: They whine and bitch all the time (strong possibility they are potential bridezillas).
They constantly get back to price. You simply have a ‘gut’ feeling (trust your intuition). Something’s not quite right, i.e. the groom is shopping and is with the bride’s father (don’t worry ladies, we’ll go get the ‘best deal’ for you).
Unusual requests (for example, she wants you to re-create a certain pose from a magazine that makes no sense, or she’s somewhat vague about her desires). Again, your gut feeling is likely your best tool in weeding out the trouble makers. If you connect with clients, and they like you, you show genuine concern for their wedding day. You are professional in all matters, and it still ain’t right, then you get to say no.
In our studio, I always had a rule: The ABC rule. Always Be Courteous. Even when you are telling a client to take a hike, do so in a courteous fashion. Only a few months ago we said no to a prospective client.
We simply did not like the way she came across, so we told her flat out: “I don’t think we’re the studio for you.” Boy, did that get her. She was enraged.
She wanted answers why, and none came. Only a true bridezilla would react to this kind of refusal, so her reaction was a testament to her true bridezillian nature. Eh eh. What a liberating place to be in when you can say no and not worry about it. We don’t have the time or patience to deal with the bridezilla.
A few years back we had another. But this one had booked with us. We offered to let her get out of her contract, and she did. Of course, we had her sign a release so we weren’t liable. Unfortunately, many don’t turn into bridezillas until after the wedding.
Then they make outrageous claims against you and your work. If you showed that you created work equal to what you showed in your studio when they booked, and you showed that you did your best to please her, and you have the wedding party as your witness, then you should be okay. Not too many years ago one couple took me to court. Their argument: quality, which I knew was a load of crap. The images were stunning. They wanted $7,000.00 and the proofs and negatives. (Hmmm, I thought they didn’t like the images.)
Anyhoo, long story short, and a day in court defending myself, while their young cocky, articulate lawyer tried his best to make them look like the victims, common sense prevailed (this, I was hoping for). The judge saw it fit to refuse all their claims flat out. Ha! There is justice after all.
Listen, no one has to put up with the stress and strain of dealing with psycho clients. Learn to know who they are before they come a knocking. Ask questions, get to know them, and trust what your eyes, ears, heart, and gut tell you.
You want what’s best for your clients. Let your passion for service and for your craft lead the way, but have the confidence to make the right decisions. If you find yourself stuck with a bridezilla, do your best to please them and give them what they want.
But, try to inform them where possible and when they make impossible demands. Make sure others see that. Get the wedding party and parents on your side by getting to know them. I’ve had grooms come up to me apologize on behalf of the bride’s (and yes, there are groomzillas!!) evil tempered manners.
Out of pure embarrassment, he felt compelled because of the treatment I was receiving, and recognized the unfairness. If you have others as your allies, you can get them to come to your defense or even attempt to talk sense to the bridezilla.
Most people are decent folks. Bride/Groomzillas are just a little psycho, self-centered and stressed. That’s all. That doesn’t mean we have to bear the brunt of their outburst. Nor does it mean we have to shoot their wedding.
Thankfully, they are far and few between. Otherwise, there would be way less wedding photographers around. Over at, I found the ideal description of a bridezilla, in case you need to know what they look like. Here it is: “Bridezillas are fairly easy to spot. They are usually clad in white, and wearing some sort of ring on their left hand. Their voices are either guttural growls or high, piercing shrieks and their language is usually laced with an interesting combination of profanity. They are usually seen approaching their prey (i.e. someone who has pissed them off) in a quick stride. Their eyes are the eyes of Death itself. They are usually armed with long, yet very well groomed nails, and a bouquet of flowers that can be considered a weapon in a court of law.”

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Well this weekend I had the chance to create another design for another Bride. I love my Brides to be Sweet, Queens but not Drama In my contract there is a clause if you cut up I cut up, keep your deposit and cancel your contract based on mental and emotional stress. lol
 So let's be nice and you'll get more out of me.

The theme and color was Purple and Hydrangeas

The location was Riverdale Recreational center. If you are looking for an inexpensive venue then this is the place for you. I love all of the rooms, space and different decors which makes it exciting to plan an event.

Here are some pictures of my creations and the decorators designs.

For more information on the Vendors check them out here:
Mobile Bar
Micheal Sephoe
Need someone experienced in setting -up your Bar and serving then Mike is your man!

Mobile DJ
DJrock Gilbert
This DJ brings the noise with some Island flavor and he had me rocking while setting up!


Heavenly Concept One LLC
Annette Henderson
Check out Ms. Annette she and I were jamming the entire time while setting-up the space!

Riverdale Community Center6.jpg
Do you have a special occasion coming up? Do you have a venue for that special occasion? Why not have it at the Riverdale Centre for the Arts, Business & Leisure Services?
The Riverdale Centre is a premiere special events and arts facility. The truly dynamic facility mirrors the vibrant energy of a progressive and innovative city!
The Riverdale Centre is located in the heart of the Riverdale Town Center, which is ideally located minutes from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and conveniently located just off Interstate 75 and minutes from Downtown Atlanta.
The Riverdale Centre for the Arts, Business & Leisure Services offers unique venue space. Experience your next event in this contemporary and amazing facility. We look forward to hosting you!

The Riverdale Centre offers a Large Event Hall, which can be turned into a large event hall, with 8,440 square feet of space, LCD projector and an oversized screen, high quality sound system, and built-in stage. The Large Event Hall can seat up to 400 people

Meeting Room A B
The Riverdale Centre also offers the Meeting & Banquet Room, which can seat approximately 150 people. The room is 3,245 square feet and includes an LCD projector screen and access to an outdoor patio.

Meeting Room A
Multi-Purpose Room
If the Gymnasium is too large for your event, the Multi-Purpose Room may be the perfect size. The room is 5,180 square feet and includes an LCD projector, an oversized screen, and a high quality sound system. This room is perfect for an event with 250 of your closest family, friends, or co-workers.

pavillion SMALL.jpg
The Pavilion is a great place to have your small wedding ceremony or outdoor event. The Pavilion can host up to 100 people for your event.
Game Room 2.jpg
Playstation 3, X-Box 360 and Nintendo Wii gaming systems are just a few of the games in the Entertainment Lounge for your enjoyment. The Entertainment Lounge is equipped with the latest gaming systems, 4 flat screen TVs, 2 pool tables, 1 ping pong table and multiple card/board game tables. Book your next game night with us!

The Amphitheater sits prominently in the center of the Riverdale Town Center and can seat up to 1,500 people comfortably. The Amphitheater includes a large stage and a beautiful view of the Town Center.

From Atlanta:
Take I-75 south to exit 237A (Georgia Highway 85). Take Georgia Highway 85 south for approximately 5 miles. Turn right onto Church Street. The Riverdale Town Center will be on the left.
7210 Church Street, Riverdale, GA 30296 

Cake Designer

2 tier Velvet Red Cake with 200 cupcakes in the flavor of: Chocolate Hersey Kiss, Butter Cream Dream and Strawberry Dream

2 Tier Velvet Red cake with Cream Cheese Icing is adorn with silk ribbons &  Hydrangeas

 My Tasty Attire

Dress Hand-Me-Ups
Shoes BCBG from Marshall's
Accessories Bakers Shoe Store

Until next time stay tune for more Wedding, Wedding cakes, Brides and more with SooSooTasty Events

Tastefully SoSo


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