Monday, August 6, 2012

My Sweetie in Baking training....

First let me say this MAN DOES NOT BAKE...NOT EVEN CORNBREAD! Lol
He is Italian, German and African American mixed...need I say
Well I thought it would be fun and sexy to teach him how to bake. He needs to know what I deal with on a regular basis as a Cake Artist and mother. He was funny the entire time and took 3 union breaks! Which consisted of him taking a smoke break and on the patio having a conversation with his GRILL! lol

Okay I took out the recipe and ingredients to get him motivated. He told me to start mixing...this man! lol

My favorite chocolate recipe...Yummmmmy
Ingredients for our cupcakes

Utensils for baking,,,,lol
He did not want to use the measuring utensils so that's why there are 2 spoons! lol

Instead of using a sifter I use a bowl and a metal wire strainer which works better.

My daughter was laughing out loud the entire time about his antics and me fussing. He wanted to mix the butter, sugar and eggs all together instead of following directions.

Then we started measuring and mixing dry ingredients to be sifted. OMG this man shook dry ingredients everywhere but in the bowl! lol

Then we started to mix dry and wet ingredients in an alternating fashion. This became a problem because he wanted to pour everything all in one bowl! OMG honey I said, "You must follow directions in my kitchen." The Grill Master reply was, "I cant wait to get you outside on the grill!" lol
Dry ingredients & chocolate milk
You do not want to know! lol

After mixing our chocolate cake from scratch with cake batter everywhere but in the bowl. It was time to scoop in the pans. It was on his jersey, the floor, me....Well he did okay and I want complain. lol
I loved the way he scooped his batter into the pans after my

My family is very spoiled because some wanted chocolate chips and some did not! UGHHHH lol
He was off to another union break while his cupcakes baked.

His cupcakes and cakes turned out nicely and we enjoyed it with vanilla bean ice cream.

His next lesson is how to make chocolate icing from scratch ...... Join me next time with my Sweet baking lesson.

This cake is soooooo moist there is was no need for icing!

He refused to make

Well as for my Sweetie he is off to another Union

 The attire for the evening is very simple Ladies, Housewives or DIVA's an Apron with Stilettos...the rest is up to YOU!!! lol

Purchased at Marshall's $9.99 Shoes $34.99 GUESS

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Tastefully SoSo


  1. This is so cute! A great way to get your hubby involved in the kitchen. I love your apron and show combo too!

    1. Thank you Karen it was fun and interesting. I can't wait to get in the grill and shiw out for the ladies! Lol
      Tastefully SoSo

  2. I need the hubby to do a recap of how he liked your cooking class, even though I know he loved it. Oh and you only wore heels and an apron?! All right now, owww! You sho nough was cooking in the kitchen.

  3. Missfoodiefash if I let him do a recap I will have to bleep words and blurrrrrr photos! Lol

    Thank you for stopping by and remember you inspire me:) Tastefully SoSo