Monday, August 13, 2012

Sweet Treasurer's Vintage & Modern

Last week started off with a bang!!! So let me catch you
I did some me time called SHOPPING, Networking and Eating... Yes, only ME:)
Having time for yourself while running a business is sometimes hard but I plan each and every week so that I can enjoy my time while working to play.

To do this you must create a schedule for the month, week and daily. Once it is penciled in get your outfit that is FASHIONABLE for the event of the day and other necessities. Keep your calendar in a book, smart phone and computer. Stay on top of it so you can WORK SMART!

My 1st stop of the week was a Sweet Consignment Shop called Hand Me Ups
770) 439-8200
4448 Marietta St, Powder Springs, GA 30127

This place has fabulous finds old and new. There are accessories, purses, shoes, clothing, baby items and much much more. The staff is always Sweet and Loving and I feel at home when I visit.
For your closet finds visit:

My 2nd stop of the week was Networking with some wonderful ladies at STRIP of Atlantic Station.

This event was full of loving and supporting women brought together by the Sweet Prosper Miller she is a Mother, Inspirational Socialite, Fashionista, Philanthropist & Empire Owner. I see many things in her that are inside of me and she inspires me to be a better person. She is a survivor of Domestic Violence, Teenage Pregnancy, Homelessness, Financial Hardship, and Depression. If she can make a way to push forward so can YOU & I!

The food & serve was excellent as always. I had the Seafood Platter with large crispy butterfly shrimp, juicy crab cakes, skinny fries and a glass of Sweet Mascato.

This is event was called "Dining with Diamonds Dinner Party"
 for more information about Prosper Miller visit her at :
  To book your private party or dinner reservations at STRIP visit:

SoSo & China of UniqueFaces

Group Picture of some Fabulous Woman taking over the ATL!

Me and my Seafood Platter...Crab Cakes, fries, and Jumbo Shrimp...yummy

SoSo drinking wine and our new friend ate all of her food...NO DOGGIE BAG, and China was hungry but has a Doggie Bag...hummmm! lol

SoSo & Author Bella Butterfly

Me & China cutting up after the event...Girl's Just Having FUN!

SoSo is rocking a Dress from Hand-Me-Ups Boutique, Shoes from Heeling Diabetes Shoe Auction (GUESS), Handbag Hand-Me-Ups, Accessories Bakers Shoe Store
My 3rd stop of the week was Club Amnesia.
I had a Dessert Buffet set-up for a special client. The theme was animal print and it was sexy and grown! lol
This Club is huge and nice! There are private VIP sections and water falls that light up at night. The bar was fully stocked for those who need that extra animal instinct. Book your party and trust it's a hidden Sweet Gem that everyone will love!
For more information on Club Amnesia visit:

Inside Club Amnesia

SooSooTasty Treats
Velvet Red Deluxe Cupcakes
Butter Cream Dream Cupcakes
Strawberry Dream Shooters

SooSooTasty Treast
Velvet Red, Reese Peanut Butter, Chocolate Hersey Kiss and KeyLime Love Cake Balls

My 4th and final stop of the week was at a Vintage Boutique for Book Signing for a Sweet Friend. I ended up shopping as usual and the owner is just as darling. She has some pieces that can be mixed to give it an edgy modern flair. Look at what I found and what I purchased. The owner Sherane is such a SWEET heart and I enjoyed her vintage spot as if I was home.

The Owner Ms. Sherane

Melanie Brooks-staff
Vintage Pieces
Now as for the book YOU must order and read for yourself because I will NOT be sharing my copy! lol
 Yakiri Thomas is a southern girl with southern charm. The name is simply pronounced as Yah-kee-ree, accent on the kee emphasis on the ree
Born in Atlanta, GA. Yakiri realized her creative side at a young age by creating stories, poems and songs at the age of 8.
Yakiri found her self at a cross roads with her career. Soon she became reacquainted with what came naturally which was writing. Within months her first novel Black Socialite was written and with several other novels in the works. Her new career as an author has now begun.

To purchase Yakiri Thomas book (The Black Socialite) visit:

Yakiri & her Sister Mel

Yakiri & her Loving Husband:)

Yakiri Book talk 101

Ladies came out to support

Me Shopping


SoSo &Yakiri

SoSo & Sherane
SoSo is rocking a cute white dress from Marshall's, Shoes GUESS from Marshall's and Accessories from Bakers Shoe Store

Desserts by Me SooSooTasty Strawberry Shooters, KeyLime and Chocolate Cake Balls, Butter Cream Dream Cupcakes

Until next time spend some ME TIME in Atlanta eating, shopping and networking. You will be surprised of all the Sweet Treasures ya'll find.

Tastefully SoSo


  1. i loove that vintage store! too bad im in oakland, ca! lol nice blog! ill be following!

    1. Heyyyyy JoJo give Sherane a visit via her website she just might ship some pieces to you. Thank you for following:)
      Tastefully SoSo

  2. Well okay socialite, busy bee, blogger extraordinaire. Love the recaps. Looks like you had a fun fill time!

    1. Heyyyy missfoodfash aka #BLMGirl for Life! Lol I have 5 more Tasty Blogs to release by next

  3. Whoaaaa... You were Soso Busy!!!!! I need I I'll with you the hex time u go to Hand Me Up! That place looks darling & right up my alley! :D

    Isn't Sherene the greatest! She's a sweetheart! Glad u are making your rounds & having fun while doing so!


    1. YUes, I can't wait to go back and shop again.I am working and playing at the SAME DANG TIME ALL IN THAT ORDER...Futureeee and Momma Dee! lol
      Tastefully Soso

  4. This is living, with sweet treats and sweet events!,I can tell that you loved every minute of bring soso busy and on the go. Bravo to you! Hope you purchased the dress at your final stop. Yes?

    1. Hello Kerissa
      I purchased 2 items. I have worn and will be shoswcasing on another blog. Believe me I was born to shop til I drop! lol One is a cute little black dress and the other is a shirkt that I'm gonna show how to transform into an off the shoulder dress. Stay tune and thank you for stopping by:) Tastefully SoSo

  5. I love a good consignment and vintage shop. I have heard of Sherane's unfortunately I haven't gotten around to getting there but I will soon. Now Hand Me Ups is a new one to me. The next time I am in that area I will be sure to stop by.

    Nothing better than being in the company of women living their dreams and on purpose. Looks like you all had a great time at Strip.

    I love your hair. If I ever decided to go short that would be it!!

    1. Hello Mimi
      You will love Hand-Me-Ups for everyday shopping and Sheranes for Vintage wear. Both owners are super Sweet!

      This thick and wavy hair of mine...I will give it to you! J/k lol

      Thank you for stopping by Tastefully SoSo

  6. Thank you for this lovely feature! Thank you ladies for your comments! We really appreciate it over at SVC! Our online store will be launching in Sept so be ready for more vintage!

    1. Heyyyyy Sherane
      Your very welcome I will be blogging next week about the items I purchased at your boutique. Thank you for stopping by:) Tastefully SoSo

  7. Love your blog!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    1. Heyyyy Mrs YoYo Fadhionista! Lol
      I love your style Blog as well. Keep Styling and thank you for stipping by:) Tastefully SoSo