Monday, August 13, 2012

Andrea McDaniel Sweet Bridal Photo Shoot

Andrea McDaniel is loving the start of her life before marriage. Her Bridal Photo Shoot was amazing and so was the team of people selected to make it possible. I meet Andrea 4 years ago at Bella Nite Club in Atlanta, Georgia. I designed a birthday cake for one of her dear friends which lead me to design hers. Now my team and I have the pleasure to do her Bridal Photo Shoot and wedding set for August 18th. Oh, pictures are sure to come!!!

What I love about Andrea is her kind and loving spirit. She was NOT a Bridezilla... I explained to her I do not do Bridezillas and we laughed and everything has been Sweet Georgia Peach!!! lol

Bridal Photo Shoots are fun, sassy, sexy and interesting and it all depends on the location, photographer and client. There are many locations that are perfect for Bridal Shoots such as parks, office spaces or court yards, churches, studios, etc. Your personality should come out once your see and step out on the set. Either you are your photographer can choose the locations, but make sure to check for events, traffic and weather.

Now it's time for some Photos!

KL Artistry did an awesome job bringing out the beauty in Andrea. Andrea owned the plumalicious lip shade which showed her unique personality..

Make-Up Artist Karonda

Melvin put a ring on it! lol

Melvin is in trouble! lol

Just simple and beautiful!
Don't go chasing

Melvin can't wait to see his Bride

Bridal Bouquet by SooSooTasty Events, Shoes from Bakers, Accessories from PJAttic
Notice the blinged out Monogram letter on her bouquet. Just a special touch for the Bride.

SoSo & Andrea fighting over photo time....

SoSo & Andrea playing around...

Now Andrea was rocking those Purple glitter pumps and every bride needs something extra special and different!

Here are some important things to remember for a Bridal Photo Shoot

Things to Bring for your Photo Shoot
Your Attire A Sexy, Sassy, Sleek or Beautiful Gown

Mirror Don't forget to bring a small portable mirror of some kind so you can check your make-up, hair, look, etc. during the shoot.

Water It's also a good idea to bring something to drink, such as bottled water or gatorade. Especially if you are shooting outside. You may want to consider bringing a cooler with ice to pack drinks and anything else you wish to keep cool while shooting.
Items I'd suggest bringing include: make-up, hair ties & rubber bands (so you can wear your hair in different ways), hats, jewelry, glasses/sunglasses, and anything you think might make a neat prop or look interesting in a photo.
Towels It’s never a bad idea to bring a few towels to a shoot. They can serve a variety of purposes and you’ll find yourself glad that you brought them several times throughout the day.
People frequently dress up for a photo shoot and occasionally like to be able to lean against or sit on objects without messing up their clothes and towels provide great and comfortable protection. They can also serve as makeup blotters for the ladies and sweat control for the guys.
Umbrellas It can often be quite difficult to predict when the weather is going to try to ruin your shoot. You can either choose to come prepared or lose time and money by rescheduling. If you choose the former, a little rain can actually result in a great shoot filled with some really unique photos opportunities.
Insect Repellent and Sunscreen If you’re wandering out into the great outdoors to bring nature into the shot, be prepared for nature to protest in the form of thirsty blood sucking insects and/or blistering hot sun. Both you and your subjects will be much more comfortable if you take some precautions by packing the necessary chemicals.Escorts When working with any photographer for the first time, I'd suggest making a point of always having your cell phone handy, and to check in with someone you know at least once during a shoot to let them know you're ok. Also make sure that someone you know knows where you will be and that they should expect to hear from you at a certain time. They should also have the number (and address, if possible) of the photographer you are working with. Again, this is just for general safety.
Make Up Artist Understand, however, that using make-up artists can be a huge advantage when attempting to capture compelling and attractive imagery. Using a make-up artist does not mean you have to wear a lot of make-up. Oftentimes, a little can go a long way, depending on the type of look you are trying to achieve. Make-up provides ways to substantially accentuate your features, even out your skin tones, and hide any potential problem areas. If you are not extremely confident in doing your own make-up, but are serious about capturing professional level photographs, it is always a good idea to consider hiring a professional make-up artist.

To see more of Karonda's work visit her page at:
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Bride's Attire
Dress from David's Bridal
Shoes from Bakers
Accessories from PJattic

My Attire
Dress from Marshall's
Shoes from DSW
Accessories Bakers Shoe Store

Each moment is special knowing someone is there to make your day special. So call SooSooTasty Events so our team can make your day just as Sweet as you....
Until next time Stay tuned for Andrea's Bridal Shower & Wedding Photos...I Love My Brides
Tastefully SoSo


  1. Those are such cute photos. You both look great!! I wish I had done that. Hubby and I ran to the court house so no photo shoot for me. :( I'll have to remember this idea whenever we choose to renew our vows.

    In the meantime, I'm going to have to find me some hot purple shoes like those. :)

  2. Hello Goddess
    It's never to late to recreate! I have a great team that works with your budget and style. Just Do It! my NIKE

  3. This was a lovely shoot! Thank you for sharing it with us! #BLMGirl
    PS- I am now following you on Bloglovin'

    1. Heyyyyy Karen,
      Thank you for checking us out. I love to give live, loving and interesting Blogs please can either relate to or think about doing.
      #BLMGirl's for life! Lol

  4. Great job on the blog, Miss Soso! I can't wait to show you the pictures from the wedding. I think we make an awesome team! Just leave your daughter at home next time. Lol

    1. I enjoy working with you as well. I really appreciate all that you do and no words can really express it. TeamSooSooTasty! Lol

      My daughter is giving you the side eye....ol

  5. Thank you so much for the shout out. It was a pleasure working with you and Leon. Each aspect of the day was captured with elegance, class and great taste. I look forward to our next endeavor together.

    1. Heyyyy sister K
      You are sooooo welcome. Tawana and I were just talking about you yesterday and your beautiful spirit. I will always send clients your way. I git you covered:)
      Tastefully SoSo