Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tasteful Pieces...Jewerly That Is

All Girl's love looking like a DIVA. Well the best way to add to your wardrobe is with accessories.
I know several ladies in the business that will make you feel elegant with their TASTEFUL PIECES. Accessories should not over power you or your attire, but they should make a statement! You can mix and match or simply wear one piece. When you walk in the room own it with a fashionable piece.
SoSo in a gifted jewelry piece.
Photo courtesy Eye-So Keen

 Where ever you purchase from make sure to let everybody know where and who your fashion accessories consultant is...I Do and here are a few of my favorite picks...

My Home Girl of Atlanta Efie of LALynn has great customer service and is always looking to share her love for accessories. She has also donated many pieces to a local Group Home I volunteer for called Carrie Steele Pitts. Every young girl deserves to have  a sense of fashion at an early age. She will appreciate a simple gesture of love will bring to her face.Make sure you check out her Blog at www.facebook.com/LALynns

Efie Lynn of LALynn Shoppe

Look at Lynn she is ready to make a sale! lol

Here are some pieces I purchased and she gifted to me to say I love you...What a Great Friend!

My Zebra print scarf, Hot Pink Flower Earrings, Gold Rings Earrings, My special made pink tone earrings, and my favorite the 3 tone bracelet and ring.

This next young lady is Pat Robinson of PJsattic. She has such a wonderful spirit and you will love her TASTEFUL PIECES. Make sure you check her out at www.facebook.com/pjsattic

Pat Robinson of PJ's Attic

Here are some pieces I purchased and she donated to a Bridal Photo Shoot I had the pleasure of working on. Thanks Pat
Blinged choker with blinged earrings

The Bride Andrea is wearing a dipped stone necklace and match drop earrings.

Hot Pink Stone out hoop earrings and a ring not shown cause somebody has slipped me! lol

This next young lady is very talented because she makes her jewelry. Make sure you check her out when you need something extra special to wear. www.brookescloset.net Here is a pair of earrings she designed just for Falcon Lovers. Thanks Brooke Closet

Mrs. Brooke

Handmade Falcon's Earrings

Now this next young lady is a DIVA and her Tasteful Pieces are made for a DIVA! She has a very warm and loving spirit, I just love this piece I purchased from her!
Make sure you check her out at www.the2divas.com

Diva Sabrina Hagood

This DIVA has some DIVAfied Wearable Pieces!
Check out this neck piece I purchased with stilettos dangling from them.

Stiletto necklace & Drop Earrings

Bakers Shoe Store...Yes, I said Bakers! They carry shoes, purses and fashionable accessories for the DIVA in you! They know me at my local Mall because I go in and purchase several pieces like it's candy! lol You can shop Bakers online if your not the typical store visitor at www.bakers.com.

Well Well this young lady Tasteful Pieces will set your soul on fire. Mrs Dana Kendrick of Haute Accessories keeps you up on all the styles and what not to wear! lol I want to tell her thank for the other pieces she sent me and in return I am donating to a local Group Home I volunteer at..Carrie Steele Pitts. Please check her out at www.facebook.com/hautegirlaccessories Thank you Dana
I donated most of the pieces because I believe in giving because everything isn't about me:)

Now this a couple of weeks ago I had the chance to meet another young Lady by the name of Melissa aka Accessory Chick and my tasty treats were the talk of her event. To book a party with Melissa contact her at www.facebook.com/theaccessorychick   or  www.shop.accessorychick.net
Melissa owner of Accessory Chick
I can't wait to rock a Tasty Piece of hers. Check out the Shop & Sip Event at Soje Emporium
SooSooTasty Treats from the Teaser Collection
Chocolate Hersey, Butter Cream Dream and Strawberry Dream Cake Balls
to place your order please visit SooSooTasty at www.soosootasty.com

Ladies can't say no or just have one...lol

Everybody wants that same bag! lol

Here are some pieces that were gifted to me by some of my friends...they must really love me:)

These 2 hand made pieces are designed by a young lady out of South Carolina. This is my beach wear a Sea shell toe ring combined anklet and a sea shell ring)...Once I find her info I will post...Sorry

Now these pieces I found Thrifting at GoodWill and at Hand-Me Ups Consignment Shop.

A girl must have a long strand of pearls because there are sooooo many things you can do with them. Stud bracelets or colorful wooded ones are bold just like this last piece...Necklace and earrings set...YOU WILL MAKE A STATEMENT WHEN YOU ENTER THE ROOM! That is all....lol

Accessories can make or break your outfit. So make sure you consult with the STARS of Accessories LALynn, PJattics, BrookesCloset, The2Divas and Haute Accessories.

Until next time go and shop with the Accessory Consultants! Tastefully SoSo


  1. Thanks for the feature friend!!!!! I love that pic of you! You mention a few ladies I haven't heard of I will most def have to check them out! Thanks for sharing!


    1. LALynn your very welcome. I have to give everyone their shine. BLING BLING BLING...lol

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    1. Heyyyyy TiaLou
      Thank you fashionable accessories is a must! Lol Tastefully SoSo

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    1. Thank you Darrylon. I love accessories and like to share my favorites. Plrase be sure to check these ladirs out. Tastefully SoSo