Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Chocolate Pink 70's Birthday Party

I am a girl who loves ALL THINGS PINK! Except my House...Pepto Bismol and maybe my car! lol
My Birthday Charity celebration was was about Shopping, Tasting and Sipping for a great cause. Each party guest was asked to bring toiletries to donate to local shelters in honor of my birthday. I love giving back and this was a great way to do it.

Day 1 Tour De SoSo (Chocolate Pink Dinner) started out at Behnnienna Japenesse Steak House with drinks and conversation. The 1 hour and 30min wait was not gonna happen! Thanks to my business partner and friends Tawana T-Baby Randall & Robb Haskell the hunt for a dinner location was on! lol
They called several places in the area and Longhorn on Piedmont Road set it out for us and we had a lovely time. There was food, drinks, SooSooTasty Treats (BALLS), Goodie Bags filled with chocolate, comedy from the waiters and photos of course. I really enjoyed my guest and wouldn't have traded them for the world.
Piedmont Road
Atlanta, Ga 30318
Me and the girls...the guys were at the table drinking and
SooSooTasty cakeballs and goodie bags for the couples

And then there was food! lol
Day 2 Tour De SoSo (Pretty Pink Gorgeous 70's Party @ SOMA Intimate)

My #BFF's, #BLMGirl's and Special Guest helped me celebrate by donating toiletries to a Charity of my choice and that was the only SWEET GIFT I wanted. Oh, they still found it in there hearts to bring me a gift to! Here are some of my favorites:
Gifts to relax like: soft spa robes, wine and candles cause I need that, jewelry which I love to rock, my wall piece for my office which i can't wait to hang, Soul Purpose, Juicy Couture and Bath & Body Works hummmm they know me to well! lol
Time to unwrap my
 Check out my fabulous Guest....
Mrs. Dotti peoples & Me

Rhonda Rosser

My niece DeeDee

Diva Austin

My Auntie Shirley looking 70ish! lol

Fab AllyMcGlam

Mrs. OhNikka Blog Diva
RhondaDivafied, Lisa and Me

My BFF's (BlogFabFashionistas)
Me (Hair change & Mrs. OhNikka)

Chaneese my intern, Me and my daughter assistant

This darling lady is NeShanta Smith-Davis fab-U-lous!

Ok, my cuz Parker Simmons rocked it!


Play write Keelay James

Judy getting fitted


It's time to EAT!!!! lol
Sabrina & I Yes, I was

Raffle winner Dawn of Soul Purpose

Raffle winner AllyMcGlam

Raffle winner Keelay
Ok I tried to think of all the fun treats from the 70's so Candy Apples was it! lol

Marshmallows dipped in chocolate

Sweet Treats
Strawberry Lemonade & Butter Cream Dream Cupcakes and Amaretto Chocolate Hersey Balls, Candy Apples and Chocolate covered marshmallows. Yummmy
Grilled chicken by BigEdBBQ's

Mac & Cheese by BigEdBBQ's

Veggie Pasta Salad by Sabrina's

Tasty Food
My favorite Veggie Pasta, Mac & Cheese, Grilled Chicken and Mini cornbread by BigEdBBQs & Southern Cuisine
Signature Drink for the evening (SoPinkalicious) Pink Lemonade, Mascoto, fresh crushed strawberries shaken and topped with a lemon and lime.
Goodie Bags included: 70's candy mix and a pack of Koolade so my guest can enjoy my drink at home. lol
I enjoyed a Gorgeous Party Tweetup @ SOMA of Cumberland Mall. If you haven't been there you should check out their intimate appreal and clothing.I want to give a special thank you to my Blog Mentor Mrs. OhNikka and all of my guest for support me. The SOMA Intimate staff were soooo SWEET and as a sponsor of my party made me feel like a STAR. My 3rd sponsor is my loving husband of BigEdBBQs & Southern Cuisine he made sure my guest was full! lol My 4th sponsor was from Darcy's Botanical of Powdserspings Goergia she donated products for my 1st 20 guest. Thank you to my photographer Leonard oif EyeSoKeen and my Assistants Sharde, Chanesse and Sabrina job well done! for your intimate apparel for your desserts and BigEdBBQs & Southern Cuisine for catering for your custom made products
This year my attire was from the same boutique "It's You Too" and my accessories are from BAKERS Shoe Store of Cumberland Mall.

I scored this sexy pink piece last year for my Birthday Dinner And Birthday Photo Shoot from the same boutique.

When was the last time you donated to a worthy cause? I love giving back because it could have always been me. Here are a few tips on how to give back and what procedures to follow.
How Do You Pick a Charity or Cause for Your Donation?
Need and Mission
I pick charities that I support based on my life experiences and also based on the need. Some of the larger charities have plenty of support so many times I choose to support smaller ones- again, based on the need and the mission of the charity. As a breast cancer survivor for instance, I choose to support our local Cancer Society instead of supporting it nationally. I feel like that is the best use of the money that I donate and I also donate my time locally.
Personal Experience
I choose a charity I have worked with and had experience with. I tend to choose charities that are local rather than national. For example, the local chapter of the Red Cross or a specific Red Cross campaign, like disaster assistance for people in my immediate area (floods in Iowa in 2008).
Where I Know and am Known
I give to charities that I'm involved with. I volunteer, attend their performances, know the people on the board. That is giving I feel safe with.
So what are you waiting for start GIVING!

Until next time see you at the next Charity Event which is coming November 17/2012 and yes there will be SWEET Treats...Tastefully SoSo

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  1. So sweet! I was licking the screen on the food shots cause they looked so good! Glad you gad a wonderful bday and I really glad you support local charities! :)